Hello, my name is Sybil.  I am a mother, wife, and a daughter. 

As the wife of an active duty Naval Officer, my family has lived in 4 different states on the East Coast. Over the past 10 years this has allowed me to meet many different people from all walks of life and it amazes me how many times I have witnessed exceptional cruelty among children, even at an early age. At first, I dismissed instances of cruelty as “playground behavior” but as more and more news reports have aired about bully related youth suicides I struggled with what I could do to help build positive self esteem in our youth. 

In 2002, I landed a job at an organization working with at risk youth.  After my supervisor’s mother fell ill I had to run the youth program alone.  This was very intimidating for me.  However, I took the program on full speed ahead.  Instead of just pushing paperwork through the system I made weekly visits to 60 young adults whose ages ranged from 13-21.  Most of the youth were used to people talking down to them, but my approach was to simply talk to them about their lives, hopes, and dreams.  They loved my approach.  This experience was very rewarding to me.  When we moved to our next command I decided to pursue a job in the logistics field instead of continuing to work with at risk youth.  However, the burning desire to work with youth was still in my heart.

In 2009, I decided to take action by volunteering my time at my children’s school.  The school was revamping their afterschool program and in conversation with the afterschool director I mentioned my desire to mentor.  This is when it all began for me.  After my regular full time job I darted off to speak with pre k3 – 8th grade students.  The children enjoyed our weekly segments.  We discussed their emotions, teasing, how to defend theirselves against bullies, depression, and many other age appropriate topics.  At first some parents had reservations about the program, but I am happy to report many were pleased and said it was a great program for their children.  They realized my approach was not to diagnose their child, but to be another avenue of support.  One child was very pleased to be known as a bully, but after speaking with her for a few weeks she completely turned herself around. 

This is why I started PreSchool2Teen.  Some have asked me, “How can a mom with a BA in Logistics and no psychology background be qualified to help children with their life situations?  The answer is:  My passion to make a difference.  My life experiences will help me mentor a child. In many cases a child only needs a listening ear; someone to care.  Having someone to care is the most important ammunition to help stop bullies in our schools and communities.

I want PreSchool2Teen to be your number 1 source for information on self esteem and bullying.  Not only do I want to provide information to adults for youth, but I want to provide information to youth themselves and information to help adults who have low self esteem and dealing with bullies. 

Currently, I am working with school systems and other organizations to promote positive self esteem and end bullying.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about building self esteem or if you are interested in me speaking to your organization.  

I sincerely hope that my website will be helpful to you.  Please note that 5% of all proceeds will be donated to anti-bullying charities. Visit my other site at www.preschool2teen.com for related news articles and supplies.


Sybil Jones


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